• Original NAND flash ic from major brand supplier.
  • Oem USB or ODM USB both welcome.
  • Additional function such for more option.
  • Plenty usb flash drive (pen drive) housing style.
  • 100% test and 100% made in Taiwan, easy plug & play.
  • Special graphic or coating, and packing design all welcome.

USB flash drive option as below

  • Standard USB






Standard USB


standard usb-Dellwa




OTG usb

USB Flash drive additional function

Additional function of oem or customized usb flash drive service

Password protection & prevent recording

Password protection & prevent recording
  • With password protection, the USB only accept reading to the correct user.
  • USB requires the authorization and password for saving the data information, which may prevent the data been reading or recording from embezzled.

Factory Direct and rapid mass production

Factory direct and fastest production

Own assembling house, test team, and direct source of the raw materials, may allow to provide rapid mass production and testing.

Data Preload


You need to promote or exposure about your catalogues / presentations / information, to your buyer or target audience? our extra service may reinforce your reputation and brand image to your client. Any file format would be acceptable such like:

Anti-Deletion (File Lock)

Anti-Deletion (File Lock)

It is an optional add-on function, to prevent encrypted data from being deleted, modified, or formatted.

Dual Zone USB

Dual Zone USB

The function is familiar like a CD-ROM which may allow reading but undeletable, and remain capacity for new data saving afterward.

Water proof structure

Water proof structure

We provide fit-seal special structure housing design for particular industry usage, may allow the usb flash drive avoid the water moist effect.

Customized housing style design

Customized housing style design

Most creative and modern design for the well-budget customer who wants absolutely advance ahead than others.

Special graphic or coating production

Special graphic or coating production

Any particular request about special graphic or coating is welcome.

Packing Design

usb design

Special soft design of the accessories and packing form to identify the USB flash drive’s promotional purpose and user’s level.

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